LED technology

High light output with low energy consumption, variable settings for light colour and a virtually unlimited service life are the advantages of modern LED technology. The LEDs of the LUCTRA® lamps with their high light intensity, even light distribution and a wide colour spectrum bring a quality of light to the workplace which is virtually equal to daylight.

In LUCTRA®, four high-performance CREE LEDs are installed. With very low power consumption, they generate a light intensity of up to 1,000 lux. This is the equivalent of a bright summer day. For comparison: a halogen lamp requires up to five times more energy for the same light output. In this way, the light intensity of 500 lux recommended for workplaces is exceeded by a considerable margin, which also offers sufficient reserves for older users. This is of special significance, since the receptivity of the eyes declines with increasing age. Two LEDs each generate cold white (bluish) or warm white (reddish) light. Through their joint operation a wide adjustment range from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin is reached, which covers virtually the entire bandwidth of the natural spectrum of light. The design of the lamp heads with their numerous cooling fins has been optimised to reduce their operating temperature. This enables manual positioning of the lamp head without any risk of injury. At the same time, the temperature management ensures a long service life of more than 50,000 operating hours for the LEDs.