Intelligent lighting control with the VITACORE® app from LUCTRA®

The VITACORE® app turns LUCTRA® into a personal and flexible lighting tool.

The app communicates via Bluetooth with the VITACORE® electronics. Depending on individual lighting settings, the app automatically varies the colour of the light, simulating the natural course of the day. The settings can be changed at any time and adjusted to individual tastes. The light setting is saved on the app and can be transferred to any LUCTRA® LED lamp. This makes LUCTRA® the ideal lighting range for modern office concepts with flexible workplaces, and wireless lighting is also possible. The app is available as a free download for all standard smartphone models:


>> Download for iOS
>> Download for Android

Where do you need help?

Discover useful hints and operating instructions for the VITACORE® app:

>> Setting up Bluetooth connection with LUCTRA® lamp
>> Setting up personal day curve
>> Controlling the lamp via app
>> Other useful settings

Setting up Bluetooth connection

To enable connection of the design desktop lamp with the VITACORE® app, a Bluetooth connection must be established first. Select the lamp and retrieve the necessary details under “lamp selection” in the menu.

Now the lamp is connected with the VITACORE® app and can be operated from there. If the VITACORE® app does not automatically make contact with the lamp, the lamp should be switched off and back on again, so that it can send the Bluetooth signal once more. Now you can explore the LUCTRA® lighting concept for the first time and in a very personal way by intelligent lighting control.

Setting up a personal day curve in 5 steps

A special function, which can only be operated via the VITACORE® app, is the creation of a personal curve which adapts the workplace illumination individually to your personal working rhythm.

Under the menu item “personal day curve”, a personal curve can be established. There, 5 questions about your daily working habits must be answered first

1. When do you usually start work?

2. When do you finish work?                             

3. When do you take your lunch break?                                                 

4. If you could choose your work time, which five consecutive hours would you prefer?

5. At what time are you most productive?

Based on the answers, the VITACORE® app now calculates a daily lighting curve, which is transmitted to the LED lamp. The light colour changes automatically in the course of the day. In this way, the light of the lamp adjusts itself optimally to your daily rhythm without your having to set the lamp yourself. However, the curve can be edited and adjusted manually at any time via the VITACORE® app. To do so, click on the button “edit curve” in the standard view. The white dots mark the timing and light colours of your personal curve. The colour of light can be individually adjusted by moving the dots. A double tap is sufficient to add a dot to the curve.

Explanation of the individual symbols of the VITACORE® app

Switching the lamp on and off

You can use this icon to switch the LUCTRA® lamp on or off via the VITACORE® app.

Setting of light intensity

With this symbol, the light intensity of the lamp can be set. If the sun symbol, which appears after clicking on the icon, is pushed upwards, the light of the lamp is intensified to a maximum of 1000 LUX. Pushing it downward has the effect of reducing the light intensity.

Setting the colour of the light (short-term adjustment)

This symbol can be used to adjust the colour of the light. It changes the light colour only for a short period without alteration of your personal day curve. By a tap on this symbol the curve is started and the icon changes.


Setting of the light colours on the day curve (long-term settings)

This symbol leads to the function of setting and adjusting the light colours. Here, the alterations are made to your personal day curve and consequently on a long-term basis.

Activation of the boost function

With this symbol, the boost function of the lamp can be activated. However, the boost function should not be active for more than 30 minutes, since exposure to light of such high intensity does not have a positive effect on the body. Therefore the VITACORE® app comes with an integrated timer, which deactivates the booster function automatically after 30 minutes and resets the lamp to its normal function.

Saving light colours as favourites

The favourite function enables saving of light colours. A light colour can be saved by holding the symbol for three seconds.

Other useful settings:

Lighting moods

Menu selection

Advanced settings

The menu item “presets” (lighting moods) offers pre-set light colours for every mood. You can choose between:

  • Focused
  • Activating
  • Concentrated
  • Calming
  • Relaxing

The light intensity can be altered with the sun symbol on the left-hand side of the screen.

The menu shows all functions and settings at a glance:


  • Light Control
  • Presets
  • Personal Daily Curve
  • Choice of Lamps
  • Advanced Settings
  • FAQ
  • Copyright
  • Imprint

Under the menu item “advanced settings”, further settings of the design table lamps can be edited.

  •  Language selection
  • Illumination timer touch panel
  • Naming of the lamp
  • Reset function

Have your questions not yet been answered or do you have any further questions about the app?

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