Anyone who prefers a clean desk will also enjoy the benefits of LUCTRA®. Whether they are used in the individual workplace or for efficient team work, LUCTRA® designer floor lamps, which come in a harmonious round design or progressive geometrical design, provide uniform illumination of the workplace at 1,000 lux. The lamps are available in the Floor and Floor Twin versions. The lamp heads are individually adjustable and can be programmed to meet the personal needs of individual users. A clinical study has proven the biological effectiveness of the LUCTRA® lamp models. High-end LEDs guarantee a service life of 50,000 hours of use. Together with VITACORE® electronics, they ensure the designer floor lamp can be used easily and comfortably.

The LUCTRA® floor lamps come in a variety of timeless designs, ensuring the lamp will fit in well with any interior design: The lamps are available in the colours aluminium, black and white, and the lamp heads, which are available in the LINEAR and RADIAL designs, provide individually adjusted light for the workplace from a height of up to two meters.