How can I reach the LUCTRA team?

From most European countries, you can contact the LUCTRA® team via the free service hotline: 00800 00 582872, alternatively, please dial: : +49 2371 662 445. The email address is: info(at)luctra.de

How can I lodge a complaint about an article?

If we have sent you a damaged, defective or wrong article, please accept our apology. In order to lodge a complaint, please contact our customer service via our service hotline, which is free of charge in most European countries: 00800 00 582872, alternatively, please dial: +49 2371 662 445. The email address is: +49 2371 662 445. Die E-Mail Adresse lautet: info(at)luctra.de

Please note that return shipments are only possible with prior notification by telephone. Return shipments without prior notification cannot be accepted. We will also be glad to send you suitable packaging material for your return shipment.

What does “Human Centric Lighting” mean?

The term “Human Centric Lighting” (abbreviated HCL) describes lighting systems and illuminations which use light (primarily LEDs) with definite wave lengths to effectively support the human hormone balance and consequently the circadian rhythm. This light is modelled on natural daylight and improves the quality of interior lighting substantially. More information about the LUCTRA® lighting concept.

Why do we need better interior lighting?

In the course of their evolution, human beings have always followed the rhythm of nature and daylight. This alternation between extremely bright daylight and darkness has a decisive influence on the human biorhythm. However, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, people have moved from their outdoor environment into caves – their indoor homes and workplaces. During the day, people do not get enough good, bright light in spite of large windows – so all their physical signals are set for sleep. On the other hand, it is too bright in the evening, when more and more artificial light and LED television screens are switched on. The body receives activity signals. At the worst, wrong lighting at the wrong time of day may cause a disruption in the circadian rhythm with serious consequences for human health. This is why high-quality, sufficiently bright lighting is important for stabilising the day-and-night rhythm.

How does the non-visual effect of light function?

Special receptors in the eye – the retinal ganglion cells – do not transform light into optical stimuli for vision, but rather use it to control hormone production in the brain. 

The blue components of daylight (present during the morning and at noon) cause the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin to be suppressed in the brain, and the production of substances stimulating activity to be increased instead. People feel wide awake and are ready for learning and working. Red components in daylight (present towards the evening) and darkness lead to an increase in melatonin production. People get tired and relax.

Why has DURABLE developed biologically effective workplace lighting?

DURABLE has accumulated competence in the organisation of office work for 90 years. Since light is vital for efficient work, DURABLE has extended its portfolio in that direction and is simultaneously using its LUCTRA® concept as a logical step to fully exploit the potential of modern LED technology.

Who is the designer of the lamps?

yellow design, Professor Günter Horntrich

What materials is Luctra ® made of?

All LUCTRA® lamps consist of aluminium, steel, plastic and electronic components. LUCTRA can be recycled.

Where is LUCTRA® manufactured?

LUCTRA® consists exclusively of high-quality components and assemblies, a very large proportion of which are manufactured in Germany and other European countries. Final assembly and 100% quality inspection are carried out in Germany. LUCTRA® is made in Germany.

What power plugs are included in the delivery of LUCTRA®?

LUCTRA® is delivered with a Euro plug and a BS 1363 (British 3-pin) plug.

How is LUCTRA® packaged?

LUCTRA® table lamps are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box suitable for shipment of single units. The sensitive electronic system and the lamp head are protected by hard foam inserts.

Why does LUCTRA® come without sensors?

Presence detection and brightness sensors have been deliberately dispensed with in LUCTRA®, so that users remain in control of the lighting system at all times. With these highly efficient LED lamps, any additional energy savings which could be achieved by sensor control are only minimal anyway.

What is so special about LUCTRA®

LUCTRA® is the first lighting system for the individual workplace which supports users’ well-being and consequently their performance in a targeted way through variations in the colour and intensity of light.

Has DURABLE developed the LUCTRA® range itself?

The products and the concept have been developed in-house by a team of experienced DURABLE staff, supported by well-known experts in lighting and electrical engineering, industrial design and medicine.


Where can I get the LUCTRA® app?

The LUCTRA® app is available for free download from the APPLE App Store and GOOGLE PLAY for all IOS and Android systems.

What are the requirements for my smart phone or tablet for using the app?

Your mobile appliance must be equipped with at least Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth Smart or Low Energy) to enable you to operate the lamp with the app control system.

An Internet connection is not required for using the app, you only need it if you wish to request further information from the menu.

Which personal data will be saved by the app?

None. Only your personal day curve created in the APP will be saved.

Will the APP access my list of contacts or emails?

No, the app will not access the data saved in your mobile appliance.

Can I store and retrieve my personal day curve when I get a new smart phone?

Sorry, not yet for the time being. We are working on it.

How can I connect the app control system with the LUCTRA lamp?

Switch the lamp off and back on once by touching the on/off sensor button on the VITACORE® operating panel. The app now has 45 seconds to find the lamp. If the connection has not been established successfully within this period of time, repeat the procedure of switching the lamp off and back on.

Which of the lamps listed is the one in front of me?

All lamps shown in orange are standing close to you and can be selected by you. You will recognize the lamp in front of you by the strongest signal behind the designations.

Should your lamp not be on the list, switch it on once more. The connection can be established by touching your lamp on the list.

What is the range of the Bluetooth connection between my mobile appliance and the lamp?

The range covers a distance of approx. 8 to 10 m, depending on the spatial conditions. Walls and doors will reduce the range. When this distance between your smart phone or tablet PC and the lamp is exceeded, the connection will be severed. When you return to the Bluetooth range, the app will automatically reconnect to your lamp.

My app cannot find any lamp. What can I do?

Bring your mobile appliance within sight of the LUCTRA lamp. (Depending on the attributes of the building, the distance is approx. 8 to 10 m.)

Activate Bluetooth® on your smart phone or tablet.

Switch the lamp off and back on once by touching the on/off sensor button on the VITACORE® operating panel. The app now has 45 seconds to find the lamp. If the connection has not been established successfully within this period of time, repeat the procedure of switching the lamp off and back on.

Should the connection still be unsuccessful, close the app completely on your mobile appliance and restart the app. Switch Bluetooth on and off again too. Disconnect Luctra from the power network and reconnect the lamp after about 10 seconds.

Check whether your appliance is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. If you cannot solve the problem, give us a call. We will be glad to help.

How many lamps can I control simultaneously with one app system?

You can connect and control up to two lamps simultaneously with the app.

How many lamps can I connect with the app?

The number of lamps that can be connected with the app is unlimited. But only 2 lamps can be simultaneously controlled by the app at any time. On the connection screen the lamps connected last will be shown first.

Where can I find the menu settings in my app?

You will find the menu icon (three parallel lines) in your app at the top on the left. When you touch this icon, the menu will open.

How can I rename my lamp in the app?

Start the selection of lamps in the menu. You can change the name of the lamp by touching the info icon on the right beside the designation you wish to change.

The change of name will not be displayed on any second appliance, but exclusively on the appliance which has been used for effecting the change.

How can I change from the light control view to the day curve view?

Turn your mobile appliance to change between the two views. If you have the orientation barrier of your mobile phone switched on, turn it off in the device settings menu. Alternatively, you can use the “edit curve” function in the light control system or the “back” function for changing views.

Does the app also work with other lamps?

The app has been developed exclusively for controlling LUCTRA lamps and therefore cannot be used with other lamps.

How can I pass on suggestions and feedback to the app?

File assessments of and comments on the LUCTRA Vitacore app in the app stores. Call us or send us an email. 

It takes a little while until the app finds the lamp after it has been started.

Since the connection between the app and the lamp is established via Bluetooth 4.0, building up the connection between the app and the lamp following a new start of the app takes up to 10 seconds. As soon as the lamp has been found, the connection is established. The duration of connection build-up also depends on the distance between the appliance and the lamp.

Does the light yield and/or the light colour change when the lamp is dimmed?

Light colour and light yield do not change significantly when LUCTRA lamps are dimmed. Only top-quality components are used for LUCTRA, to guarantee maximum light quality at all times.

What happens if an LED is defective?

If an LED in the lamp fails, the entire product must be sent in to DURABLE. This is necessary to ensure unimpaired functionality following the repair. Please contact the LUCTRA service team to discuss details of the procedure: free service hotline 00800 00582872, tel. +49 2371 662445 or by email: info(at)luctra.de.

What is the service life of the LEDs?

The service life of LEDs vitally depends on the temperature factor. Effective thermal management with a maximum temperature of 40°C on the lamp head enables a service life of up to 50,000 operating hours.

What does a service life of 50,000 hours mean for the customer?

Of course 50,000 hours of service life means variations in the actual period of use, depending on how the lamp is used. In offices, the period of use can be calculated on the basis of an average burning time of about 9 hours per day on approximately 230 working days.

What information/explanations are available on “Binning”?

Binnings designate the quality of the LEDs used, and they are a criterion for the quality standard. LUCTRA lamps are equipped with LEDs featuring an extremely narrow binning and thus guarantee absolute top quality. The narrower the dispersion range of the colour position, the more expensive the LEDs become. This is an important criterion for the quality standard in LUCTRA lamps, which ensures that you will get optimal light in every setting.

Do the figures given in lumens apply to the entire system or to individual LEDs?

The luminous flux values indicated for LUCTRA lamps (in lumen) always relate to the luminous flux of the lamp.

Does looking directly at LED lamps damage the eyes?

A direct look at the lamp head presents no problems for human eyes. But because of the high light density, it is not advisable to look directly at the LEDs for any length of time.

Is LUCTRA® glare-free?

LUCTRA® is a glare-free lamp. Dazzling can also be totally avoided by turning the lamp head and using the flexible light dimming function, which enables the lamp to be adjusted to every required visual performance.

Which certifications does LUCTRA® possess?

LUCTRA® is CE (Conformité Européenne) compliant and can therefore be distributed within the entire territory of the European Union. LUCTRA® will also bear the ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) and GS (Certified Safety) labels.

Who is responsible for certifying LUCTRA®?

LUCTRA® is certified by TÜV Rheinland.