LUCTRA® FLOOR TWIN delivers biologically effective light for several workspaces.

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Two heads are better than one.

Each lamp head of the LUCTRA® FLOOR TWIN can be indivually adjusted, for maximum flexibility.

Why LUCTRA® FLOOR TWIN is the right choice.

Here are several reasons:

Light as flexible as your personal day.

LUCTRA® ight can be adjusted intuitively to your individual needs. Using the app, FLOOR TWIN becomes a flexible lighting option. On the basis of 5 simple questions about your daily working habits, the app calculates your personal light curve, which is transmitted to the lamp via Bluetooth. The intensity and colour of the light are regulated automatically. Simple.

Lighting for several workplaces.

Personalised lighting for every user! The FLOOR TWIN lamp delivers light virtually as bright as natural daylight. Its two lamp heads can be adjusted and programmed individually so every user receives the lighting they need in their workspace for concentrated, relaxed work.

Human Centric Lighting – focusing on people.

Everyone has their own circadian rhythms controlled primarily by natural daylight. The absence of natural light can disrupt this daily cycle but LUCTRA® can help to remedy this deficit by simulating the natural course of daylight and ensuring a well-balanced day-and-night rhythm. For this purpose, FLOOR TWIN is equipped with two warm white and two cold white LEDs, providing virtually perfect imitations of cold white morning light and warm white sunsets.

Made in Germany quality.

All LUCTRA® models are manufactured and hand-assembled at the DURABLE production centre in Kamen-Methler, Germany. There at the LUCTRA® factory, highly qualified employees install all the parts for the entire product range. We insist on high quality standards and "Made in Germany" is our quality claim.

Technical Features at a Glance

Technical Details


Operationvia VITACORE® electronics or app
Light intensity settingfreely adjustable up to 1,000 lux
Light colour settingfreely adjustable between 2,700 K and 6,500 K
Touch panelcapacitive touch interface made of glass


LEDs2 cold white & 2 warm white LEDs (CREE)
Power consumption25 W
Luminous flux of luminaire900 lm
Light intensity746 cd
Light intensity1,000 lux at a height of 110 cm
Luminous efficiency75 lm/W
Colour temperature (CCT)2,700 K <--------> 6,500 K
Colour reproduction index≥ 80

Product overview

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Black, white, aluminium




Black, white, aluminium