High-quality surfaces emphasize our claim

To reflect the lamp’s high quality also in its outward appearance,
exclusively authentic materials are used, such as aluminium, steel, plastic, zinc and glass.

Design for Life

Function, technology and quality are genuinely and unmistakably all equally present in LUCTRA® . This has been achieved, because designers and engineers were sitting at one table from the very beginning.
The ‘yellow design’ agency with offices in Cologne, Berlin, Pforzheim and Tokyo is responsible for the design. “The lamp is not the hero, but the room!” says the agency’s founder Prof. Günter Horntrich, and he has provided the family of lamps with proven positive design features: timelessness, durability, and functionality.

The unpretentious design vocabulary of LUCTRA® reflects its high level of innovation and highlights its premium quality on the one hand. On the other hand, the two alternative table and floor lamp designs RADIAL and LINEAR blend brilliantly into a great variety of interior design environments. But the design is deliberately played down for another, totally different reason:  with LUCTRA® , the light itself takes centre stage.

Innovative technology is self-explanatory

LUCTRA® luminaires can do much more than just "on and off". However, the technology should not overwhelm the user, but be available in a self-explanatory way. A major challenge in the design was therefore also the touch panel.
As an essential part of the overall product experience, the designer luminaires also have a reduced design language and use intuitively understandable icons.


Form follows function

Our approach is certainly not beauty just for its own sake. Therefore, the details in our solutions invariably have a deeper meaning as well. One example is the design of the lamp heads. They all come with cooling fins, which are provided for even dissipation of the heat generated by the LEDs. They ensure that the operating temperature is always kept below 40° C. Of course, this also has an effect on the long service life of the LEDs. We guarantee 5 years.
All joints come without any visible screws  simply because they are so sturdy that there is no need for re-adjustments. By contrast, we certainly insist on screws being kept visible wherever they need to be used. Easy access in such cases is also a part of a positive product experience.