Floor lamps for the workplace

The range of LUCTRA® floor lamps offers alternatives for both purposes.

Room lighting


Additional lighting at the workplace

With a choice of one or two lamp heads, LUCTRA® floor lamps can be used individually or in greater numbers to light an entire space.

Choose a lamp head to suit your personal taste

LUCTRA® is available in two different designs. Straight-lined and striking or harmoniously rounded – like the light itself. 


Not every room is the same

The spatial conditions have a considerable influence on the optimal lighting solution. In addition to the area, the height, the wall color and surface, the furniture also plays an important role. How good if you have a flexible solution.

Room lighting We are facing the challenge of “open space”.

With VITAWORK®, LUCTRA® has brought another novelty to market to meet the requirements for the quality of lighting in open office concepts, too. With direct and indirect light, the new floor lamp serves to illuminate both the working area and the surrounding space. VITAWORK® will also have no problems to fulfil individual wishes or to comply with requirements imposed by a particular room architecture.

In addition to personal perception of the quality of workplace lighting, there are a number of statutory regulations. Here, flexible office concepts present the greatest challenge. Both the DIN EN 12464-1 and the ASR 3.4 standards lay down the requirements for an office workplace. Accordingly, an office workplace consists of working areas, movement areas and the necessary storage areas. The adjacent surrounding areas are known as ambient space. By comparison to the preferred light intensity of 800 lux, workplaces should be illuminated with (a minimum of) 500 lux to comply with the DIN standard. Particularly demanding visual tasks sometimes require up to 750 lux. The lighting intensity requirements of at least 300 lux for the immediate environment are even lower. VITAWORK® complies with all requirements of the existing legal standards for workplace lighting. 

techniscal data


Lamp heads1
Colour temperature settingfreely adjustable from 2,700 K to 6,500 K
Light intensity settingfreely adjustable to max. 1,000 lux at a height of 75 cm
Boost functionfor max. cold white light
USB charging ports2 units
Height1,200 – 1,900 mm
Radius100 – 700 mm