The mobile LUCTRA® FLEX makes it possible for users to take their perfect light with them to any place at any time of day. Thanks to rechargeable battery technology there are no cables and no restrictions, giving you ultimate freedom.

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Unique artwork on Mobile lamps

Street artist Keith Hopewell drew attention on Light + Building
when he created unique artwork on LUCTRA® FLEX.

Style and Flexibility.

LUCTRA® FLEX (No. 9231) features the sleek LINEAR design shared by the table and floor lamps and is available in four colours.

Why LUCTRA® FLEX is the right choice.

Here are several reasons:

A battery full of light.

Many of us have the freedom to choose our workspaces and the hours we work. So, it's good if you can simply take your light with you. FLEX weighs just 2 kg and boasts a battery capacity of up to 25 hours. The lamp head, rotatable by 180°, can not only illuminate your direct working area, but also provide indirect lighting for a pleasant ambience or to highlight certain objects in a room.

Simply intuitive.

Operating LUCTRA® FLEX is just as easy as changing its location. Via its clearly designed touch screen, the light intensity can be adjusted in 5 steps and the light colour in three steps. You just can’t go wrong.

Four LEDs deliver a wide spectrum of light

Two cold white and two warm white LEDs cover the entire range of daylight in 3 stages. From a cold white morning light of 6,500 Kelvin, to a warmer 3,600 Kelvin light colour with less blue, down to a relaxing 2,700 Kelvin, simulating an evening sunset.

Made in Germany quality.

All LUCTRA® models are manufactured and hand-assembled at the DURABLE production centre in Kamen-Methler, Germany. There at the LUCTRA® factory, highly qualified employees install all the parts for the entire product range. We insist on high quality standards and "Made in Germany" is our quality claim.

Technical Features at a glance.

Technical Details


Operationvia VITACORE® electronics
Light intensity setting5 levels - up to 1,000 lux
Light colour setting3 levels - 2,700 K / 3,600 K / 6,500 K
Touch panelcapacitive touch interface made of acrylic glass


LEDs2 cold white & 2 warm white LEDs (CREE)
Power Consumption9.5 W
Luminious flux of luminaire680 lm
Light intensity566 cd
Light intensity1,000 lux at a height of 60 cm
Luminous efficiency73 lm/W
Colour temperature (CCT)2,700 K / 3,600 K / 6,500 K
Colour reproduction index≥ 80

Rechargeable battery

Battery life25 hours
Charging time90 minutes