Innovation in action – new lighting systems at Jobcenter ME-aktiv

Jobcenter ME-aktiv, Hilden, Germany
Implementation: from 2020 until 2022

In 2020, the ME-aktiv site in Hilden was faced with the challenge of installing new lighting in the offices, to bring them in line with the German workplace ordinance ASR 3.4. To comply with these provisions, Jobcenter ME-aktiv decided to equip the offices and meeting rooms with floor lamps.

LUCTRA® was chosen to provide the lighting for this project. During the first phase, three floors were fitted out with 80 LUCTRA® VITAWORK® floor lamps. Since then, LUCTRA® office lighting has provided ergonomic and pleasant lighting in offices of different sizes, as well as in creative areas and conference rooms that are used for team meetings, for example. This not only provides a good quality of light, but also ensures flexibility as the lights can be repositioned if the room is put to another use.
When the job centre expanded to a fourth floor, LUCTRA® was chosen to provide the lighting system again. LUCTRA® TABLE lamps were installed in the creative spaces, which are used by employees as communication zones or when they want to take a break. Thanks to adjustable colour temperatures, ranging from warm-white to cool-white light, these lamps always provide the right lighting ambiance, whatever the work requires.


The office lighting not only ensures a high standard of ergonomics from a visual point of view, but also excels in terms of efficiency and sustainability. The use of both daylight and presence sensors, as well as innovative LED technology, results in an energy saving potential of over 50 per cent compared to conventional fluorescent lamps.The fact that LUCTRA® was chosen for the new fittings is primarily based on the outstanding, comprehensive service provided by the  LUCTRA® team, as well as the modern, energy-saving LED technology used in the lighting.
Jobcenter ME-aktiv is a joint initiative operated by the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the District of Mettmann municipality. The job centre’s main responsibilities include getting people into employment and checking applicants’ benefit claims with the aim of ensuring their livelihood.


“The entire team was reliable and innovative, and we are delighted to have entered into a comprehensive long-term partnership with them”,
onfirms Nathalie Schöndorf, Managing Director of the ME-aktiv job centre (District of Mettmann).

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