Good vision as a top priority

LUCTRA® proves its value in an ophthalmic practice
Ophthalmic practice Dr. Uwe Breitrück, Iserlohn
Implementation May 2019

Where else could good visibility take more of a centre stage than in an ophthalmologist’s surgery? Not only is the demand for functionality, high quality and easy operation of lighting extremely high especially in a surgery with tight schedules, the lighting system must also be self-explanatory and suitable for intuitive operation, as the entire team works with it every day while performing a wide variety of counselling and examinations.
The solid base provides a firm stand with modest space requirements, which is another advantage when considering the large number of medical examination devices. The joint brings the light smoothly and flexibly into the desired stable position.

In this way, the individually defined focus area can be optimally illuminated. The result is a high and adjustable light intensity and an even illumination of the workplace with a pleasant, glare-free light.
“The LUCTRA table lamp is an optimal and highly versatile desktop and workplace lighting solution not only for medical practices, with excellent attributes for flexible use in terms of illumination and positioning, as well as the colour of light. It fully deserves to be rated as a ‘perfect working light.”


“We are using LUCTRA TABLE in our ophthalmic practice on the desktop as well as for the examination of patients, and with very positive results.”

Dr. Uwe Breitrück

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