Best possible light conditions to thrive and perform a good job

For AIX, Sweden‘s largest architects‘ offices, happiness of the employees and good working conditions are fundamental to work properly. LUCTRA® was able to convince in a long-term test and now provides the best possible lighting conditions for successful and good work.
Implementation: September 2018


AIX is one of Sweden's largest architects' offices and has its base in Stockholm. When you visit AIX, you will find yourself in a creative, dynamic environment where cooperation and high ambitions are obvious. Sustainability and protecting valuable environments are key factors for AIX both within their projects and in their own office. The office is pleasant and light but the most vital for AIX is the people. Happiness of the employees and good working conditions are fundamental for the company to work properly.
AIX works in four different business areas - this often involves working across borders and adapting an office for cooperation. The workplaces are designed in a way that favours individuality and encourages


contact and conversation.
AIX’s office is in an industrial location where there are challenges with light and ventilation. Therefore, the choice of  LUCTRA® luminaires. With new LED technology, employees can choose a lighting system that simulates the natural sun light and gives them the opportunity to choose light colour and light intensity. Another important factor was that the luminaries does’nt get warm like dated lighting systems because the area gets very warm during the summer months.
The choice of a luminaire with LED technology was a self-clearance – completely in line with AIX environmental policy.


”We want our employees to have the best possible conditions to thrive and perform a good job. Part of it is a lighting that they can adapt to their personal needs. After a very positive evaluation of a carefully long-term test with Luctra, we saw such great advantages that the choice was not difficult.”

Eva Göransson, Vice President

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