Table lamps - Tailored for desk work

LUCTRA® table lamps provide the best possible lighting conditions for any desktop. The 2 different models vary in their features and operation.


The choice is yours.

If you are looking for the perfect light on your desktop, choose between TABLE and TABLE PRO. Equally as stylish with slightly different functionality.



  • Elegant
  • With gesture control
  • USB-C port for flexibility



  • Timeless
  • With touch panel
  • Variable fastening options


table pro 2

  • Classic design
  • With boost function
  • 2 USB charging ports



Visual ergonomics draws on flexible workplace lighting. Just as an office chair can be adapted to the requirements of its user, the light can be flexibly adjusted for each individual work situation. This includes both the luminous intensity and the colour temperature. All table lamps from the LUCTRA® range allow variable setting of light colour and brightness. Depending on the model, they can be controlled manually using the touch panel or via gestures.


Light for home and the office

From conventional offices to flexible home workspaces, table lamps are an excellent way to create the ideal lighting conditions. The ability to adjust the light intuitively to meet personal needs can help create a healthier and more comfortable workplace, particularly in situations where different people use the same lamp. LUCTRA® table lamps are flexible aids for various users and room environments.



Lighting that lasts

Handling natural resources responsibly is essential in the modern economy. That is why the LUCTRA® table lamps were developed using energy-efficient components. All desk lamps are fitted with efficient LEDs. Thanks to their timeless design, they will also look stylish for years to come. The different variants can be incorporated into any room environment.



A direct comparison

Colour temperature (CCT)5 steps:2.700 K, 3.400 K, 4.200 K, 5300 K, 6500 K3steps: 2.700, 3.600, 6.500 KStepless: 2.700 - 6.500 K
Light intensity settingStepless up to 690 lx at 60 cm height5 steps up to 1,000 lux at 60 cm heightStepless up to 1,000 lx at 75 cm height
Boost function--for max. cool white lighting
Automatic switch-off--after 4 hours
USB charging ports--2
Height400 - 620 mm300 – 750 mm300-900 mm
Overhang100 - 350 mm100 – 550 mm100 – 700 mm
Fastening optionBase 
  • Base
  • Clamp
  • Pin
  • Base
  • Clamp
  • Pin