LED table lamp with biologically effective light and innovative gesture control. Helps the body’s individual daily rhythm and internal clock through optimum colour temperature and light intensity.

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LED Table lamps

The future of work is hybrid. These days, we not only work from different places, but also frequently at different times of day. Modern office products need to respond to this by creating the best possible working environment. Light plays a massive role here. Visual comfort contributes greatly to general well-being and has a major influence on every individual.
The light and timeless design language of the new LUCTRA® LITE series speaks for itself. The table lamp fits seamlessly into every environment, from conventional offices and coworking spaces to home offices or even an improvised space on a kitchen counter or dining table.
With the new LITE series, LUCTRA® brings perfect ergonomic light to where it is needed. Featuring simple and intuitive gesture control, the table lamp can be ideally adjusted to user needs.
Move to LITE and experience perfect light from LUCTRA®.


Why the LUCTRA® TABLE LITE is the right choice.


The LUCTRA® TABLE LITE delivers biologically effective light that is tailored to the individual needs of every user. The table lamp helps the body’s individual daily rhythm and internal clock through optimum colour temperature and light intensity. It does this using insights from research on the biological effect of light on the human body, both in terms of physical and mental health. By realistically imitating daylight, the lamp encourages healthy hormone production and mental well-being. The LUCTRA® TABLE LITE therefore delivers perfect human-centric lighting (HCL), improving both comfort and the ability to work.


dimmable with adjustable light colour

Thanks to its customisability, the LUCTRA® TABLE LITE delivers tailored light exactly where it is needed. As well as being fully dimmable, users can vary the colour of the light according to their own personal daily rhythm, choosing from a total of five settings. The colour temperature of the light varies from 2,700 K to 6,500 K. The workplace lamp therefore provides better visual ergonomics and comfort at the desk.


light quality

The high-power LEDs have a service life of at least 50,000 hours. Their cutting-edge technology not only ensures the best possible light quality, but also meets legal requirements by brightly and evenly illuminating the workplace (900 lm). A high colour rendering index (CRI>90) guarantees extremely high colour accuracy and contrast.


ergonomics and visual comfort

The LUCTRA® TABLE LITE not only delivers perfect illumination and visual comfort, but also helps make the workplace more ergonomic.
Users can adjust the height and direction to point the light precisely where they need it. This prevents unnecessary strain and encourages a healthy posture.



Made from aluminium, the refined, rounded design of the base, body and head gives the lamp a light and elegant feel. This minimalism lets it fit seamlessly into almost any interior design. The black design is inspired by current trends in office and home accessory style. The premium aluminium body features a compact base, so that the lamp takes up as little working space as possible on the desk.



Move to LITE: the innovative, 3D control is what makes the LUCTRA® lamp a game-changer in the office. Through simple gestures beneath a sensor in the lamp head, users can turn the light on and off, or change the brightness and light colour. This intuitive gesture control makes it easy to adjust the light for any task.


power supply

The clever, modern design continues in the power supply, which comes via an integrated standard USB-C socket. This universal plug format gives users maximum flexibility when using the lamp. As well as using the power supply unit and a conventional plug socket, the LUCTRA® TABLE LITE can be connected directly to a laptop or powered via a power bank. As a result, users can work from truly anywhere.




Technical details


Product number9214
Colours01 Schwarz
Materialaluminium, steel, plastic
Weight2,5 kg
Energy efficiencyD (Reg. Nr.1698483)
Operationthree-dimensional gesture control
Adjusting the light intensitystepless
Adjusting the light colourin 5 steps (2.700 K - 6.500 K)


LEDLED board with cool-white and warm-white LEDs
Power consumption12 W
Luminaire luminous flux900 lm
Illuminance660 Lux bei 50 cm Höhe
Colour temperature2.700 K / 3.400 K / 4.200 K / 5300 K / 6500 K
Colour rendering index≥ 90