Intuitive Technology

The limits of technological design are being pushed  further and further. This enormous technological progress in all areas continues to set new, complex challenges for engineers, product developers and designers. The major challenge facing them is how to make technological developments practical to use. LUCTRA® packs complex technology into an intuively designed user interface which is easy to understand and easy to operate.

LUCTRA® lamps offer users the opportunity to adapt their working light precisely to their personal needs and daily routine. All LUCTRA® models come with VITACORE® electronics, which can be operated via an intuitive touch panel in a minimalist design. Programming a personal light sequence via the intelligent VITACORE® app is even easier. German Design Award judge Professor Cees de Bont,


School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, comments, “I was very pleasantly surprised by the way the complexity inside the LUCTRA® lamps was presented in a sophisticated and clearly understandable way. This makes it easy for users to set their lighting to suit their personal preferences and their environment. The simple, attractive design of VITACORE® electronics makes LUCTRA® easy to use.


Automatic switch-off function

In addition to intuitive operation, the TABLE 2 table luminaires and FLOOR 2 floor luminaires support energy-conscious use with an automatic switch-off function. After four hours of use, the luminaires switch themselves off.



Sensor control

The inclusion of ambient conditions in the implementation of the best possible room lighting is based on state-of-the-art technology. In addition to operation via the touch panel, LUCTRA VITAWORK also uses a light intensity and presence sensor for control. While the presence sensor reacts to movements, the luminous intensity sensor constantly compares natural daylight and room brightness. The LED light of the VITAWORK® thus adapts automatically to ensure a consistently high quality of light.



Swarm intelligent light control

Variable working hours often lead to islands of light. One's own workplace is brightly lit and the rest of the room is dark when colleagues are in meetings or have already finished work. Therefore, new intelligent lighting concepts such as LUCTRA® MESH ensure greater well-being at the workplace.
This innovative technology enables swarm control of VITAWORK® luminaires via a Bluetooth mesh system. The luminaires can be assigned to different groups so that ambient luminaires are dimmed even without a presence. Islands of light and unlit walkways are thus avoided.




The LUCTRA® range of lamps has won the Gold German Design Award 2017 for connecting people with complex technology. The German Design Council awarded the gold in a new category: human-machine interface.