Intuitive Technology

The limits of technological design are being pushed  further and further. This enormous technological progress in all areas continues to set new, complex challenges for engineers, product developers and designers. The major challenge facing them is how to make technological developments practical to use. LUCTRA® packs complex technology into an intuively designed user interface which is easy to understand and easy to operate.

Only when needed does the interface become visible, offering the user intuitive access to the LUCTRA® functions.

At the heart of LUCTRA® lamps is the intelligent VITACORE® electronic system. The user interface is seamlessly designed into the lamp and only when needed does it become visible, offering intuitive access to the LUCTRA® functions. The brightness and colour of the light can be adjusted with a high degree of accuracy simply by placing a finger on the touch panel. A boost function is available which provides cold white light at the highest intensity setting for 30 minutes. Two integrated USB connections (Table Pro and Floor models) can be used to charge smartphones and tablets .


The VITACORE® app turns LUCTRA® into a flexible lighting tool.

The VITACORE® app can calculate an individual’s personalised lighting sequence based on the answers to five simple questions about their daily habits. The app transmits this directly to the via Bluetooth and then automatically varies the light colour and intensity in line with the sequence to simulate the natural course of the day.
The profile can be changed at any time and adjusted to individual tastes. The settings can be changed and transmitted to any LUCTRA® lamp. This makes LUCTRA® the ideal lighting system for flexible workspaces. The app is available as a free download for all standard smartphones and tablets:

Download for iOS

Download for Android


The LUCTRA® range of lamps has won the Gold German Design Award 2017 for connecting people with complex technology. The German Design Council awarded the gold in a new category: human-machine interface.


LUCTRA® lamps offer users the opportunity to adapt their working light precisely to their personal needs and daily routine. All LUCTRA® models come with VITACORE® electronics, which can be operated via an intuitive touch panel in a minimalist design. Programming a personal light sequence via the intelligent VITACORE® app is even easier.


German Design Award judge Professor Cees de Bont, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, comments, “I was very pleasantly surprised by the way the complexity inside the LUCTRA® lamps was presented in a sophisticated and clearly understandable way. This makes it easy for users to set their lighting to suit their personal preferences and their environment. The simple, attractive design of VITACORE® electronics makes LUCTRA® easy to use.