Investment in sustainable lighting from LUCTRA® pays off

Eisenbahn-Bundesamt, Essen, Germany
Implementation: Spring 2021

In 2021, the public body moved into new premises. One of the main tasks was planning and installing office lighting, which had to comply with standards and be ergonomic at the same time.


The various sized office spaces were equipped with conventional floor lamps with fluorescent tubes. The idea was to keep the existing lamps and supplement the individual desks with table lamps in order to fulfil the standard specifications for comfortable workplace lighting. In an extensive consultation meeting, Fabian Krumme, Application Consultant at LUCTRA, recommended the use of the floor lamp VITAWORK. This was intended to replace the existing lights and also save on the procurement of additional table lighting. Office spaces with a surface area of 25 sqm require just one floor lamp while larger rooms with up to four workplaces require two lamps. This meets the requirements of both the DIN EN 12464-1 standard and the German workplace ordinance ASR 3.4. Based on the floor plans, the VITAWORK model with 17,000 lumens was selected. In order to facilitate the decision-making process, an amortisation calculation was carried out. This showed that investing in VITAWORK


for lighting was economically sound. Thanks to the modern LED technology used in the VITAWORK floor lamps, energy savings of 55% have already been achieved compared to floor lamps with conventional fluorescent bulbs. Due to the use of daylight and presence sensors, an additional energy saving potential of up to 20% is envisaged. LUCTRA office lighting creates a visually ergonomic environment and ensures uniform ceiling illumination. Thanks to the innovative touch panel on the lamp, the control options are clearly visible and allow every user to adjust the light according to their personal preferences. The Luxmeter Test carried out by a certified occupational safety expert provided the final nudge in the decision-making process. The test confirmed that the quality of lighting on the work surfaces fulfilled the standards. In fact, the required 500 lux at the workplace was considerably exceeded. The extra light allows all employees to work fatigue-free and improves the visual ergonomics of the room by also illuminating the ceiling and the walls.


„The calculations and the test convinced us. Investing in innovative lighting solutions makes complete economic sense. And by making savings in consumption, we’re not just saving money, but are also making a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment.”
says Michael Menges, EBA.


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