New lighting systems at the Me-Aktiv Job Centre

LUCTRA® is an innovative and reliable partner

Restoring existing buildings

LUCTRA® VITAWORK® illuminates new business premises

Increased energy efficiency

LUCTRA® revises table and floor lamp

Alone, yet not lonely

Light management in groups

[Translate to English:] Luctra Flex Fuss

LUCTRA® FLEX now available with additional base

Lighting to go

[Translate to English:] Luctra bei der Eisenbahnbundesamt

Investment pays off

Replacement cheaper in the long term than retrofitting

Did you know...?

Tip for correct lighting at the workplace

VITAWORK® illuminates new office building

Efficient lighting with variable lighting control

Energy saving and sustainability

Efficient LED technologies reduce consumption

Investment in lighting makes sense in the long term

Efficiency and well-being at the workplace

Lighting without recessed ceiling

Requirements for good and healthy room lighting

Light at your desk at home

The right workplace lighting at home too