Game developer choose LUCTRA® lighting

Implementation: August 2017

Avalanche Studios is one of Sweden’s most famous open world game developers. They have created wellknown, awarded games such as Just Cause and Mad Max. Today they have offices in Stockholm and New York and they’re one of the greatest in their business.

Avalanche Studios focuses heavily on being an attractive employer with a unique working environment where they think about everything from a top design office to more soft values such as a balance between work and private life. There’s nothing more important than their delevopers and they strive to ensure their health and wellbeing. The company has a simple goal: They will create the greatest ”open world ” games in the industry by having the most talented people and provide them with a supportive, favorable environment where their talent can flourish and evolve.

Avalanche Studios chooses LUCTRA® to promote employee health. In Sweden, we have to compensate for the lack of sunlight, especially during the dark seasons, and LUCTRA® can emulate sunlight by varying the color and intensity of the light. The fact that the employee can create his own light profile enables a more individualized work environment that is in line with Avalanche Studios’ approach.

"LUCTRA® is nicely designed with good functions and the light settings help us to focus during the entire day. It’s great that we can change the colour temperature during the day.”

Carolina Drott, Office manager at Avalanche

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