The best working light.

LUCTRA® has set out to provide the best possible working light.
Light that is innovative, inspiring, reliable and sustainable.

The core concept

In the beginning stood the idea to create the best possible light for human beings.

We are all unique. we each have our own personal wishes, interests and daily routines, and ultimately we all have  our own personal rhythm. Scientific findings confirm that people feel at their best and are able to work most effectively and with maximum concentration when they follow this rhythm. So we focused on creating a light unique for every person.

Impact of light

Light is what sustains life. It makes things visible, but light does not only illuminate. Natural light helps us in incredible ways to master our daily lives. We all have a daily rhythm which is controlled by light and this affects our energy and to some entent even our mood.

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Design for life.

Not for the sake of design, but with the focus on creating something for eternity - this is the claim of the design development. Authentic, timeless, consistent. The appearance of the LUCTRA® luminaire range does not end with the luminaire body. The surface of the control panel is also part of the overall concept.

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Hands-on technology

LUCTRA® was born out of advanced scientific findings, the latest technology and excellent design. But on the other side of the coin is practicality. This is why LUCTRA® is intuitive to use, translating sophisticated functionality into user-friendly operation.

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Hand-made in Germany.

Highly qualified employees install every single part of our entire product range at the LUCTRA® factory. What does this mean? Put simply: we insist on high quality standards and “Made in Germany” promises quality.

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