New lighting systems at the Me-Aktiv Job Centre

LUCTRA® is an innovative and reliable partner

In 2020, the ME-aktiv location in Hilden was faced with the challenge of equipping its offices with new lighting in accordance with ASR 3.4. To meet the requirements, the ME-aktiv job centre decided to use free-standing luminaires within the office and meeting rooms.

LUCTRA® was chosen for the realisation of the project. An initial fitting of three floors initially comprised 80  LUCTRA® VITAWORK®  free-standing luminaires. Since then, LUCTRA® office luminaires have been providing ergonomic and pleasant lighting in offices of different sizes, as well as in creative and meeting rooms used for team meetings, for example. In addition to the quality of light, the luminaires score with their flexibility, as they can be flexibly repositioned when the use of the room changes.

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