Since the extensive renovation, the floor lamp VITAWORK® provides the best light.

Standard-compliant lighting with only one luminaire

LUCTRA® VITAWORK® often meets the legal requirements for workplace lighting (DIN EN 12464-1) with just one luminaire, depending on the size of the…

LUCTRA® launches VITAWORK® with HCL function

Artificial biologically effective light for more comfort

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Utrecht, Netherlands


Passagen, Cologne 13-19.01.2020

LUCTRA® luminaires set the scene with the latest works of Frank Morzuch.

LUCTRA® proves its value in an ophthalmic practice

Best experience in terms of functionality, quality and operation

VITAWORK® in white

New color variant is available now.

Law Firm choose LUCTRA® lighting

Wåhlin invests specifically in the health and well-being of its employees.

Future Office

Innovative. Agile. Flexible - the office of tomorrow!

New study about LUCTRA®'s innovative lighting technology

A study conducted by the Stress Management Society has demonstrated the positive impact of LUCTRA®’s innovative LED lighting technology on wellbeing,…

Meet us and hear our speach: See it right – Feel it better

17 - 18 October 2019, Taets Art and Event Park | Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

Students tested LUCTRA® light in a study and confirm biological effects