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Iserlohn, 16.05.2022: The modern business world is one that combines flexible working hours, versatile space planning, open-space designs and hybrid approaches to work. Although some of the challenges of New Work concepts are met with technical products, contemporary, smart lighting that is customised to the specific requirements of the user and the workplace also plays a major role.
Variable working hours often result in so-called “islands of light.” When your colleagues are in meetings or have already gone home for the evening, your own workplace is brightly lit while the rest of the room remains completely dark. New, intelligent lighting concepts, such as LUCTRA® MESH, have been specifically designed to improve employee comfort in the workplace.

Light management in groups
LUCTRA® brings the lighting concept one step further, featuring automatic control of individual lighting areas in ‘smart groups’. LUCTRA® MESH is the result of our collaboration with VREEDA, our ecosystem software partner. The innovative technology enables swarm control of VITAWORK® lights using a Bluetooth Mesh system. The lights can be assigned to different groups so that that ambient lights may be dimmed even without anyone being present. This prevents islands of light and unlit walkways, resulting in a pleasant working atmosphere that improves employee comfort.
The Bluetooth technology offers direct connection to mobile devices and can communicate with any other Mesh network. LUCTRA® VITAWORK® is therefore an excellent solution for implementing a holistic lighting concept via light networking.

Implementation in the LUCTRA® VITAWORK® floor lamp
This LUCTRA® VITAWORK® floor lamp is designed for illuminating the whole office room with direct and indirect light. The latest LED technology provides energy-efficient illumination via a light panel with either asymmetrical or circular (Lambert) light distribution. It meets the requirements of both the DIN EN 12464 standard and the German workplace ordinance ASR 3.4 norm.
The control panel of the LUCTRA® MESH application has been reduced down to a simple on and off switch. The chip inside the lights is connected to the app via Bluetooth. The app can be used to control and programme the lights using any mobile device, in the same way as a smart home can. The user interface enables intuitive operation.

Connection with light
Light is one of the most vital factors in daily life. In these digital times, lighting is no longer controlled by simply switching it on or off. Lighting is a natural entry point for connecting services and information. Automatically controlling lighting areas is a first step in this direction. Future plans involve the inclusion of additional services from other areas and from our VREEDA ecosystem partner.

Intelligent lighting systems boost comfort
Lighting is not just ‘light’ or ‘dark’. Light can be so much more besides. By taking an employee’s unique lighting needs, such as brightness and colour of the light, into account, light brings greater comfort to the workplace. Whereas cold white light is conducive to concentration and performance, warm white light encourages the formation of melatonin, thereby supporting rest and relaxation phases. When lighting is tailored to the parameters of an employee’s immediate workspace, it becomes a fundamental element in the design of a relaxed working atmosphere.

Lighting improves safety
By avoiding islands of light and providing specific lighting for thoroughfares, escape routes and staircases, nobody feels lonely when they’re working in an empty office. Thoroughfares are lit up specifically so that any tripping hazards and small steps can easily be seen.

Sustainable, due to energy savings
The intelligent Mesh technology not only creates a safe and pleasant working environment, but it also saves energy. All lights are able to be controlled precisely, which means that only the lights that are needed are actually used. The VITAWORK® is also fitted with energy-saving LEDs. Due to the variable distribution of light, VITAWORK® floor lamps are also suitable for illuminating larger office spaces and those with higher ceilings. This lighting solution removes the need for additional desk or ceiling lights.

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