Biophilic Design - a major trend improving the environment we live and work in

LUCTRA® is exhibiting for the first time in America


Iserlohn, 28.06.2018: Humans and nature have always been closely linked and this instinctive connection has not changed to this day. Biophilia is a discipline that translates this fact and applies it to a variety of subjects, including business and its design principles. Why? Because the relationship between a person and their environment can impact their emotional state, efficiency and interaction. Companies are therefore faced with the task of creating environments that inspire, motivate and support their staff. One solution is biophilic design because it brings the principles of nature into the office.

Study on the importance of biophilic design in the office

A recent study "The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace" ( highlights the relevance of the topic, especially from a company's point of view. For example, one of the key findings of the analysis is that for one-third of respondents, the design of the office determines whether or not they would work for the company. Biophilia is establishing itself as part of the employer brand, especially during the "War of talents".

"We are intensively involved in the development of workplace design. Biophilic Design is one of the most important and currently one of the most important topics of the GREEN BUILDING TRENDS", explains Jonathan Brune, Project Manager LUCTRA®.

"Natural daylight, according to the study, is the most common requirement for a job. As we know, this is not always feasible, so we want to make a significant contribution to improving an individual’s situation in the workplace with our biodynamic LUCTRA® luminaires. Our luminaires can recreate natural daylight and therefore stimulate the corresponding impulses."

NeoCon 2018: LUCTRA® lights up the American market for the first time

Following Europe and the Middle East, for the first time LUCTRA® is sending a signal towards America and Canada with its participation in Chicago's annual event to celebrate of the world of work, design and creativity.

"Our conversations and experiences in Chicago have once again encouraged us. Interior designers and architects are currently looking for suitable solutions for biophilic design", says Brune. "We were happy about the great interest on site."

LUCTRA® exhibited in the Inscape Showroom at NeoCon in Chicago. "We wanted to create something special for NeoCon: an immersive biophilic habitat with products and technologies that go beyond the usual low-hanging fruit, green walls and large windows. The LUCTRA® luminaires were a cool element for our space", said David Gerson, Vice President Marketing Inscape.

In addition to following the trend of integrating natural elements such as daylight, plants and natural materials into the working environment, the internationally acclaimed exhibition also provided further inspiration such as flexible workplaces and processes. In addition, more colours came into play, such as smoky tones in blue, grey and green-turquoise as well as colour kicks in lemon, orange and red. "We take these inspirations with us. In autumn, we would like to expand our range of colours", says Brune.

About LUCTRA®:

LUCTRA® is the brand for good working light in the office or at home. For this purpose, the table, floor and mobile lamps included in the range provide light which not only illuminates, but also makes people happy, more efficient and simultaneously less tired. This works, because it transmits the right impulses for every situation.

To this end, the professional, biologically effective LED lamp system utilizes the latest scientific findings about the effect of light on human beings. It follows the principle of Human Centric Lighting, for short HCL, by focusing on human beings with their personal lighting needs for healthier and more efficient working and living. LUCTRA® light can almost perfectly simulate natural daylight and thus supports the user’s personal inner clock.

LUCTRA® has already received numerous renowned design prizes such as the German Design Award and was brought to market in 2015 by the long-established company DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG. This company has been dedicated to professional work for almost a century: to its organisation, its processes and its equipment. DURABLE currently employs 700 workers worldwide and has its Head Office in Iserlohn/Germany. All LUCTRA® lamps are assembled manually by the expert staff of the LUCTRA® production plant in Kamen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).