Intelligent light

It goes without saying that light cannot think. Yet light can have a positive effect on the human organism. To do so, it needs to have the best features and intuitive control.


Iserlohn, November 22, 2018: Intelligent light assists humans in whatever they are doing by providing the best possible condi­tions for seeing as well as possible. This is achie­ved by adapting light to every user’s individual needs. LUCTRA® lamps reproduce natural daylight almost perfectly. For example, LEDs can produce different light colours, ranging from cold white to warm white. What’s more, LUCTRA® lamps are also dimmable. In this way, LUCTRA® helps people concentrate as well as relax and increases their wellbeing at work. This makes people happier and more efficient. Of particular benefit is the simple operation of the lamps, either via the touch surface on the lamp or via the app which automatically transfers the desired lighting sequence to the lamp in question.

Good light does not just make things light or dark

Light has a considerable impact on the human organism. In the open air, at home or in the work­place: Light is just as important for your health as a balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep. The inner clock – or the typical rhythm of sleeping and waking – is a daily routine that has been lear­ned over a number of centuries, and it is controlled by natural light. In order to maintain this steady rhythm, regular impulses from sunlight are needed. Nowadays, our jobs frequently require us to work in enclosed spaces. The required impulses sometimes do not reach us. Biologically effective lamps, such as those of LUCTRA®, can fulfil this function. By changing from cold white light (in the morning, with approx. 2700 Kelvin) to warm white light (in the evening, approx. 6500 Kelvin), they can stimulate the production of hormones in the body that are important for the inner clock. The effectiveness of LUCTRA®’s workplace lamps has already been confirmed in a study. Warm white light supports, among other things, the formation of the hormone melatonin, which gives the body the natural tired feeling in the evening and ensures a deep and healthy sleep.

Correctly packaged light

Technically speaking, selecting a sustainable lamp is important – one which is easy to operate, energy efficient and recyclable and is guaranteed to last at least five years. When choosing the design, it makes most sense to go for an unpretentious and timeless look. The lamp is then suitable for every environment and can easily be placed somewhere else if required. For health reasons, it is advisable to choose a biologically effective lamp. It is capable of supporting the user’s personal rhythm and creates an improved sense of wellbeing.


LUCTRA® is the brand for good working light in the office or at home. For this purpose, the table, floor and mobile lamps included in the range provide light which not only illuminates, but also makes people happy, more efficient and simultaneously less tired. This works, because it transmits the right impulses for every situation. To this end, the professional, biologically effective LED lamp system utilizes the latest scientific findings about the effect of light on human beings. It follows the principle of Human Centric Lighting, for short HCL, by focusing on human beings with their personal lighting needs for healthier and more efficient working and living. LUCTRA® light can almost perfectly simulate natural daylight and thus supports the user’s personal inner clock. LUCTRA® has already received numerous renowned design prizes such as the German Design Award and was brought to market in 2015 by the long-established company DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG. This company has been dedicated to professional work for almost a century: to its organisation, its processes and its equipment. DURABLE currently employs 700 workers worldwide and has its Head Office in Iserlohn/ Germany. All LUCTRA® lamps are assembled manually by the expert staff of the LUCTRA® production plant in Kamen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).