LUCTRA® in co-working spaces: light for creativity and well-being in the workplace

The co-working industry is currently experiencing a real boom. Whilst there were 43,000 people registered to co-working spaces globally in 2011, it will be 1.7 million in 2018 (Global Co-working Survey 2018). Loved by freelancers, creatives and start-ups, co-working spaces can now be found in most major cities. They offer a high degree of flexibility and professionalism as well as a place to work, meet like-minded people and benefit from projects. One particularly unusual co-working space is Betongfabriken, located near Stockholm, which provides its users with a remarkable working environment lit by the best working light from LUCTRA®.

Iserlohn, 28.08.2018: Just 40 minutes’ drive from Stockholm and only 15 minutes from Arlanda airport, Anette Wilnersson, Suzanne Wilnersson and Carina Nordlander have created Betongfabriken, a creative space located at arm’s length from the hectic metropolis.

Betongfabriken - nestled in an idyllic landscape near a golf course, baroque castle and a cute one bakery, it is the ideal place to establish a sense of good health and wellbeing and embrace creativity in a flexible yet professionally organised working environment.

Anette Wilnersson, one of the founders, explains: “We were looking for a location where we could sit and work together with others flexibly and share resources as well. A place with a pleasant atmosphere and more emphasis on creativity and wellbeing. Here, in what was originally a barn, we have found just that!” Anette, along with her two fellow entrepreneurs established Betongfabriken in 2017. It’s a special space; the building not only houses offices, meeting rooms and working lounges, but also a yoga studio and a state of the art gym.

Work and private life are blurred

“In today’s modern working world, flexibility and an attractive working environment play an increasingly significant role. The boundary between our work and private lives is becoming more and more blurred so people find it increasingly important to feel comfortable in their workplace.”

Betongfabriken meets all of these requirements. It offers multi-purpose rooms in an almost home-like setting and combines work with recreation opportunities, all in one place. To achieve this, the founders designed the interior with great care. Not only did they make a point of using natural materials and bringing in a large number of plants, they explained: “LUCTRA® fits perfectly into our concept. Its light supports good health and wellbeing in the workplace. The table lamps provide perfect working light. The mobile LUCTRA® FLEX lamps are as flexible as our members and simply make Betongfabriken a more beautiful place!”

Flexible light solutions

Due to its light weight of just 2 kg and battery life of about 25 hours, LUCTRA® FLEX is the perfect lighting tool for lounges. It provides ultimate flexibility as the light brightness and light color can be individually adjusted using the touch panel. For concentrated desk work, LUCTRA® table lamps are recommended, particularly the TABLE PRO which can be controlled via an app. The app creates your personal unique lighting sequence which the lamp will follow throughout the day. The automatically generated light course supports concentrated working phases as well as resting phases. If you change to another work station, the light curve can be transported via the app and easily synced with a different LUCTRA® luminaire.