Prestigious co-working space in Stockholm equipped with LUCTRA®

Co-working spaces can be found in most major cities these days. They are a characteristic sign of change in our working world. For the self-employed, for people in creative professions and start-ups, they offer a high level of flexibility and professionalism, and a place to meet colleagues in a similar situation and to benefit from each other in joint projects. A minimum of personal overhead expenses can thus be combined with a maximum of service. This also applies to the co-working space No18 Stureplan in the centre of Stockholm, which offers its users the best possible working light from LUCTRA® in an unusual environment.

Stockholm is an international pioneer in the field of modern forms of working life. With No18 Stureplan, the Swedish capital offers a design-oriented co-working space with a boutique character. In a historic building in the city centre, it offers a place furnished with many classic design objects, which looks more like a living room than an office.

Freelancers, creative people or teams of start-up companies have the option to rent an office here, or a single desk, in a relaxed, inspiring yet highly professional atmosphere, or to use the prestigious lounges and conference rooms for their meetings. A small bistro is available to take care of catering. The lounges as well as an office on the fourth floor are equipped with LUCTRA® lamps. 

Ariel Ramirez, Creative Director, comments: “We pay special attention to the character and quality of lighting in our rooms. It must reliably deliver the proper quality of light to create the desired atmosphere in every room. But, due to the flexible use of the rooms, it should also be easy to operate for adjustment to changing situations of work or discussions without disturbing the balance of the overall ambience.”

The LUCTRA® lamps meet all of these criteria in an optimal way. The mobile LUCTRA® FLEX lamp as well as the floor and table lamp models are all in use.

Thanks to its light weight of no more than 2 kg and a battery life of about 25 hours, LUCTRA® FLEX is a lighting instrument ideally suited for lounge situations. It can be taken along flexibly to any desired place, and the intensity and colour of the light can be set individually and intuitively on the lamp body.

The floor lamp model LUCTRA® FLOOR TWIN is suitable for meetings as well as for illuminating several workplaces in an office. The LUCTRA® table lamps are recommended for concentrated desk work. In particular, the control via an app turns the TABLE PRO table lamp into a personal tool. It automatically generates a light curve which follows the pattern of natural daylight, taking into account the personal needs of every user as well. In this way, it supports both phases of concentrated work and phases of rest. When changing places, the light curve can also simply be taken along via the app and easily transferred to any other LUCTRA® lamp.


About LUCTRA®:

LUCTRA® is the brand for good working light in the office or at home. For this purpose, the table, floor and mobile lamps included in the range provide light which not only illuminates, but also makes people happy, more efficient and simultaneously less tired. This works, because it transmits the right impulses for every situation.


To this end, the professional, biologically effective LED lamp system utilizes the latest scientific findings about the effect of light on human beings. It follows the principle of Human Centric Lighting, for short HCL, by focusing on human beings with their personal lighting needs for healthier and more efficient working and living. LUCTRA® light can almost perfectly simulate natural daylight and thus supports the user’s personal inner clock.


LUCTRA® has already received numerous renowned design prizes such as the German Design Award and was brought to market in 2015 by the long-established company DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG. This company has been dedicated to professional work for almost a century: to its organisation, its processes and its equipment. DURABLE currently employs 700 workers worldwide and has its Head Office in Iserlohn/Germany. All LUCTRA® lamps are assembled manually by the expert staff of the LUCTRA® production plant in Kamen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Deutschland).