Table lamps - Tailored for desk work

LUCTRA® table lamps provide the best possible lighting conditions for any desktop. The 2 different models vary in their features and operation.


The choice is yours.

If you are looking for the perfect light on your desktop, choose between TABLE and TABLE PRO. Equally as stylish with slightly different functionality.




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Choose a lamp head to suit your personal taste

LUCTRA® is available in two different designs. Straight-lined and striking or harmoniously rounded – like the light itself.

Fastening options

Flexible interior design concepts require flexible products. LUCTRA® offers several fastening options to suit any space.

A direct comparison


Operationper VITACORE® electronics or app
Colour temperature settingfreely adjustable from 2,700 K to 6,500 K
Lighting intensity settingfreely adjustable to max. 1,000 lux at a height of 75 cm
Boost functionfor max. cold white light
USB charging ports2 units
Touch panelcapacitive touch interface made of glass
Height300 – 900 mm
Radius100 – 700 mm
Fastening options 
  • Lamp base
  • Clamp (for desktop and wall mounting)
  • Pin


Operationper VITACORE® electronics
Colour temperature setting3 levels – 2,700 K / 3,600 K / 6,500 K
Lighting intensity setting5 levels – max. 1,000 lux at a height of 60 cm
Boost function-
USB charging ports-
Touch panelcapacitive touch interface made of high-quality acrylic glass
Height300 – 750 mm
Radius100 – 550 mm
Fastening options 
  • Lamp base