Literaturhotel Franzosenhohl

Literaturhotel: Light for relaxation and well-being.

Literaturhotel Franzosenhohl, 58644 Iserlohn, Germany
Implementation: June 2018

The Literaturhotel Franzosenhohl in Iserlohn is an island of relaxation and well-being. Nestled in a quiet location in the heart of the municipal forest, it creates a sense of calm and relaxation for business travellers during the week, and city breakers at the weekend. A total of 24 comfortable rooms, a cosy bar and a virtually infinite book collection spanning all genres offer guests a premium and pleasant atmosphere.
“We view our establishment as an oasis of calm and contemplation. Our guests appreciate that. From business travellers who want to relax here after a stressful day, to holiday-makers seeking wellness –

we do everything we can to make their stay as relaxing as possible. We have furnished the rooms with this in mind,” explains Managing Director Carsten Griesbach.
The hotel places a great emphasis on lighting. “We know that light has a major impact on the body and mind,” says Griesbach. That is why we chose LUCTRA® lamps for the guest rooms. The flexibly configurable light colours and intensities provide ideal support whether you are working at your computer, reading or relaxing in the evening.

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