LED workplace lamps

LUCTRA® equips the Eike Becker architectural office

Implementation: December 2015

Eike Becker Architekten: A team that has to work highly efficiently at all times, with the highest standards of design and aesthetics and the need for good work light.

Eike Becker Architects is an internationally recognised architectural firm for the planning and realization of complex urban construction projects. The firm, which was founded by Eike Becker and Helge Schmidt in 1999, is focused primarily on the areas of administrative buildings, hotels, housing and city planning. In 2015, the Berlin office, along with about 40 employees, moved to the 14th floor of the recently completed Total Tower opposite the Berlin Central Station. Since then, the desks for this interdisciplinary team have been equipped with LUCTRA® workplace lamps.

Across the 440 m2 space, workers concentrate for long hours at fixed workplaces. Their activities primarily include work on computer screens and the creation of designs and drawings. The white LUCTRA® LINEAR TABLE PRO design blends perfectly into the restrained design of the rooms. It completes the image of the sleek and functional furnishings without standing in the centre. The proven biologically effective light can be adapted to the individual daily schedule and needs of the user. This enables it to support high-output phases as well as regenerative moments. 4 high-performance LED lights perfectly illuminate the respective workplaces. So the user can work effectively and without fatigue. 

“Our team needs to be able to work highly efficiently at all times. So we were looking for the best lighting, which on the one hand meets our standards for design and aesthetics and on the other hand meets our needs for good workplace lighting”.

Eike Becker, Executive Director of Eike Becker Architects. 

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