Law Firm chooses LUCTRA® lighting

Swedish law firm Wåhlin, Stockholm
Implementation: May 2016

Law firm Wåhlin can provide support to all legal issues that are part of business life. The lawyers have a broad knowledge of business law, with expertise in many specialized areas. The goal is that the client will experience Wåhlin as its own legal department.

Jonas Holmstedt, lawyer and partner, explains: For us at Wåhlin it is a key factor for success that we have skilled employees who are happy and can develop in a modern setting. The tempo is high at times and we often deal with our clients’ most sensitive and complex issues. Wåhlin therefore invests heavily in our employees’ health, education, wellness and in good light, which is especially important for our wellbeing. 
To be able to perform at our best, we are convinced that a high quality lighting helps us to deliver our exceptional service to our customers.
Wåhlin therefore chooses LUCTRA® because the biological effect is proven in a clinical study.

Particularly during autumn and winter, we up here in northern Europe need to replace the sunlight that we lack and LUCTRA® gives us an individualized light curve which mimics natural sunlight. This promotes not only productivity but also provides us with more stable circadian rhythms that create opportunities for a better night’s sleep. LUCTRAs award-winning design fits perfectly into our modern furnished office.
"I personally find the light fantastic. The brightness and the colour tone can be easily adjusted according to my personal preference. The fact that the design is cool is then just the icing on the cake."

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