VITAWORK® is designed for illuminating the entire office room with direct and indirect light. The LEDs built into the lamp head provide energy-efficient illumination via a light panel with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

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Dimmable LED uplighter

The floor lamp with LUCTRA® DNA delivers room lighting that meets architectural requirements and can also be customised for individual user needs.


Why LUCTRA® VITAWORK is the right choice

Here are several reasons:



Outstanding lighting

The LUCTRA® Stehlampe VITAWORK® floor lamp combines direct and indirect lighting. The integrated light panel distributes light both asymmetrically and symmetrically, providing particularly even lighting for the entire working area. This also creates natural looking lighting and a neat looking ceiling.


Luminous fluxes according to room size

The dimmable uplighter for office environments is available with different light intensities for various room sizes: 7,000 lumen – recommended for open space solutions, 12,000 lumen for offices with single and double workstations, 17,000 lumen for large rooms with special requirements, e.g. exposed concrete ceilings. The colour temperature is 4,000 Kelvin (Ra > 80). The HCL daylight floor lamp offers freely customisable colour temperatures of between 2,700 and 6,500 Kelvin.


Standard-compliant lighting

The LEDs built into the lamp head provide energy-efficient illumination via a light panel with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. VITAWORK® is therefore also suitable for illuminating larger and more spacious offices. This means that in many rooms there is no need for additional luminaires. The new LUCTRA® uplighters for large rooms meet the requirements of both the DIN EN 12464-1 standard and the German workplace ordinance ASR 3.4.


Energy-efficient light solution

With an output of 130 lm/W, VITAWORK® is the ideal solution for users looking for energy-efficient lighting. For example, a 12,000-lumen lamp is enough to light an office with two workstations (approx. 16 m2). And it only consumes 90 watts. The savings potential is enormous. The potential savings are even higher using the automated daylight and presence sensors.


Lighting management in groups

Variable working hours often lead to islands of light. One's own workplace is brightly lit and the rest of the room is dark. The intelligent
the intelligent LUCTRA® MESH lighting concept. With the automatic control of lighting areas in intelligent groups, LUCTRA® takes the next step. The innovative technology enables swarm control of VITAWORK® luminaires via a Bluetooth Mesh system.


Quality made in Germany

All LUCTRA® models are manufactured at the DURABLE production location in Kamen-Methler (NRW, Germany). There at the LUCTRA® factory, highly qualified employees install all the parts for the entire product range. The top priority is on manual work that meets the highest quality standards. All models are designed with a long life-cycle in mind. LUCTRA® grants a five-year guarantee on the unrestricted light output and functionality of the supplied LEDs.


Designer lamp for any room architecture

With its focus on the quality of the light, the design has deliberately done away with superfluous elements in its outward appearance. The clean lines fit perfectly into interiors of every style and give them added value. All materials used underline the high quality standard and can be recycled.

Available in aluminium and white colour versions. Besides the standard version with a tip-resistant base, a table clamp mount version is also available. 



Light has a significant influence on many processes inside our bodies. This is because the different natural colours of light over the course of a day affect the production of different hormones. The VITAWORK® floor lamp with biological light is the perfect solution for anyone who spends a lot of time indoors (Colour temperature 2,700 – 6,500 K).


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What our customers say

"The efficiency of the lighting in combination with the variable lighting control was convincing,"
explains Esther Straube, Head of Facility Management at Dörken AG.