Brandkontoret – LUCTRA® light for a historic building

A special challenge is to preserve the old substance and simultaneously create the best working light conditions.

Realisation October 2018

Brandkontoret in Stockholm is one of the oldest insurance companies in Scandinavia. Established in 1746, it first insured its customers primarily against fire damage in the Swedish capital. The company moved into its premises at Mynttorget 4, where its Head Office is still located today, as early as 1806. To this day, the stately building is a living memorial to its special history, with magnificent chandeliers, sweeping stairways and a fantastic view of the palace and the parliament building.
Apart from its history and extensive expertise, the interior design is also an important part of the company’s corporate image. Great emphasis is thus placed on using traditional building materials and an appropriate colour scheme for restoration work. A special challenge presented by historic

buildings of this type is to preserve the old substance and simultaneously create a positive, modern working environment inside it.
Against this backdrop, Brandkontoret made a decision to invest in LUCTRA® workplace lighting. LUCTRA® table lamps can be used without having to alter the structure of the building in any way. What is more, they provide optimal lighting at the workplace. Users can set the brightness and colour of the light entirely according to their personal needs. As a result, the light supports phases of maximum concentration just as effectively as periods of relaxation. The result is improved well-being in the workplace.
The low-key, timeless design of LUCTRA® fits perfectly into any interior, including historic environments such as Brandkontoret’s offices.

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