Stress Management Society

Study shows that LUCTRA® improves overall quality of life.

A study conducted by the Stress Management Society has demonstrated the positive impact of LUCTRA®’s innovative LED lighting technology on wellbeing, sleep and mental health. Remarkably, the study participants’
reported that their overall quality of life increased by 8%.

The study also demonstrated that the percentage of participants experiencing ‘Poor’ mental wellbeing reduced from 40% to 20%. 70% of participants reported that using the LUCTRA® lamp made a positive difference to their daily life and on average participants also reported that their sleep quality improved by 20% after using the lamp.

Participants of the study used LUCTRA TABLE lamps over two separate 12-week periods and were then assessed using both quantitative and qualitative methods against two scales which measure wellbeing; The Short Warwick-
Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (SWEMWBS) and The World Health Organisation – Five Wellbeing Index (WHO-5).

The SWEMWBS measures emotional and mental wellbeing from a personal perspective, looking at individuals’ emotions, quality of interpersonal relationships and psychological functioning. The WHO-5 assesses overall
subjective wellbeing and quality of life based on positive mood, vitality and general interest.

Jonathan Brune, LUCTRA® Brand Director commented, “We’re delighted that this study has shown the overwhelmingly positive effect that light can have. We know from our scientific studies that LUCTRA® lamps have a biological effect on the body, but we need to use this knowledge to take better care of ourselves at home and at our places of work”.

LUCTRA® lamps have been highlighted in an independent white paper by Baker Stuart as a solution to the lighting problems we face in our workplaces.

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