VITAWORK® TWIN – double-head luminaire

With VITAWORK® TWIN you have efficient workplace lighting for open spaces. Depending on the office concept, you can illuminate two or up to four workplaces in accordance with standards and have sufficient working and ambient light everywhere due to the direct and indirect light distribution.


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Efficient double-head luminaire for several workplaces

The floor lamp with LUCTRA® DNA delivers room lighting that meets architectural requirements and can also be customised for individual user needs.


Why VITAWORK® TWIN is the right choice

Here are several reasons:


One lamp for four workspaces

VITAWORK® TWIN illuminates up to four workplaces. The combination of direct and indirect light ensures uniform illumination of the entire work area in accordance with standards. Each head is equipped with a separate touch panel for control and can thus be dimmed separately according to individual requirements. The TWIN version is particularly suitable for modern office combinations such as desk islands.


Energy- and cost-efficient lighting solution

In addition to the operation via touch panel, VITAWORK® TWIN can be controlled by a light intensity sensor as well as a presence sensor. While the presence sensor reacts to movements, the light intensity sensor permanently balances natural daylight and room brightness. The LED light adapts itself automatically for a constantly high light quality. This not only reduces electricity costs, but also protects the environment and climate.


Technical features at a glance