Örebro, Sweden
Implementation: October 2019

Kommuninvest is one of the best organisations for municipal financial management worldwide.

 The company finances development and investments in the Swedish local and regional sector for a good and sustainable society. The motivated and competent employees are quality and knowledge-oriented. They ensure that Kommuninvest offers its customers competitive solutions and excellent service.
The working environment is important. Both the work tables and social areas are well thought-out: ergonomic with individual adjustment, quality and tasteful design. The building is very old and a listed building, so the right lighting was a big challenge. Luminaires permanently integrated into the ceilings made it almost impossible to get enough light to the workplaces. In office areas facing the backyard, the amount of daylight was limited.


After lengthy tests with various luminaires such as table lamps, floor lamps and even floor lamps with direct and indirect light, the choice fell on VITAWORK®. VITAWORK® combines direct lighting for good working light at workstations and indirect light for an illuminated ceiling and surroundings. A lighting calculation was carried out to ensure sufficient light and to meet the requirements. The variation in lumens is due to the number and size of desks per group.
Malin Waldenström, HR Manager Kommuninvest: "We have high ceilings in a historic building. It was really difficult to create a good lighting situation. But LUCTRA solved the problem. Our employees are much more satisfied with the lighting since the installation".



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