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German Innovation Award 2019 – Gold for LUCTRA® VITAWORK®

Iserlohn, Germany: Having won the German Design Award and the ICONIC Award already, LUCTRA® VITAWORK® has now scored a hat-trick. The Rat für…

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Good lighting as an investment

Everyone – whether at work or at home – needs it: light. But this topic is not exactly at the top of the agenda for companies and most managers. New…

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LUCTRA® light in the architecture firm AIX

Satisfaction and good working conditions as key factors

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Attracting and retaining employees

A long-term study by the Fraunhofer Institute shows why good light in the workplace improves performance and strengthens the bond between employees…

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Another award for LUCTRA® VITAWORK®

After the German Design Award the floor lamp receives the ICONIC AWARD 2019

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