Biologically effective light on your desk ensures concentrated, effective work regardless of where you need to work.

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Biologically effective light presented in style.

LUCTRA® TABLE opens the door to ultra-modern LED technology via its intuitive user interface.

Why LUCTRA® TABLE is the right choice.

Striking arguments are unbeatable, but can be tested.

Human Centric Lighting – 4 LEDs make it possible.

Whether early riser or night owl: LUCTRA® makes the individual needs of every user its top priority. 4 LEDs inside the lamp head are able to generate both warm white and cold white light and thus support a well-balanced personal day-and-night rhythm.

Complex, yet easy to operate.

Ultra-modern technology is complex – but only inside the lamp. This type of development only makes sense with intuitive operation. For this purpose, TABLE offers a self-explanatory touch panel, and provides 3 pre-defined colour settings plus 5 dimming steps.

Space isn’t available endlessly.

With its height of just 60 cm, LUCTRA® TABLE takes limited space into consideration. Both the compactness of the lamp body and the smaller lamp base compared to TABLE PRO contribute to leaving more space for working.

Made in Germany quality.

All LUCTRA® models are manufactured at the DURABLE production location in Kamen-Methler (Germany). There at the LUCTRA® factory, highly qualified employees install all the parts for the entire product range. The top priority is on manual work that meets the highest quality standards.

Both firm and flexible.

Self-locking joints have been specially developed for LUCTRA®, which do not require any locking screws or complicated mechanisms. Nevertheless, the table lamps brings the light into any desired position without jerks while standing firm, and withstand up to 50,000 hinge movements without readjustment.

Technical features at a glance.

Technical details


Operationvia VITACORE® electronics
Light intensity setting5 levels - jup to 1,000 lux
Light colour setting3 levels - 2,700 K / 3,600 K / 6,500 K
Touch panelcapacitive touch interface made of acrylic glass


LEDs2 cold white & 2 warm white LEDs (CREE)
Power consumption9.5 W
Luminous flux of luminaire680 lm
Light intensity566 cd
Light intensity1,000 lux at a height of 60 cm
Luminous efficiency73 lm/W
Colour temperature (CCT)2,700 K / 3,600 K / 6,500 K
Colour reproduction index≥ 80